Monday, May 04, 2009

Creation Ex Nihilo? Creation Ex Christo...

I don't know the original languages so can't really test this, but how about this as a way to translate the start of the Bible:
“At the head (Christ) God (the Father) cut the heavens and the earth (by the Spirit)”
Has the feel of being right. All things start with Christ and find their end in him. And then we can start reading Genesis 1 onwards as Christian Scripture. This week I'll be spending some time working on some initial outlines for an evangelistic series in the early chapters of Genesis (part of my Sabbatical), rather than get stuck in debates about origins it'll be refreshing to think about Christ.

I'll also be starting in Genesis 36-50 to conclude the journey through Genesis with Matt. And I'll blog the last part of chapters 25-35 sometime in the week.