Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Acts 29 UK/Europe

Steve Timmis moves from his responsibilities The Crowded House Church to head up Acts 29 Church Planting in Europe.

Scott Thomas writes: "...an answer to a prayer that began in London after numerous men begged for help in establishing a gospel-centered work in their part of the world. “Go and make disciples of all nations” was the authoritative command of Jesus. We had no more excuses. We are honored to have Steve Timmis join our network as a proven pastor, trainer, church planter and author. We pray that he will be a movement leader through Acts 29 that will help assess, train and send out hundreds of church planters into a post-Christian world that needs the gospel desperately."

Acts 29 London Bootcamp, June 9-10, 2009

Steve Timmis is the co-author of Total Church with Tim Chester. Last week Adrian Reynolds reported that he'll be leaving his role with Yateley Baptist Church to take on new responsibilities at The Proclamation Trust. Sometimes the best thing for a man to do is to entrust his local church to someone else to serve in a wider role. "Parachurch" at it's best, working to build the local church.