Thursday, April 30, 2009

We all have our creation stories (Glen Scrivener)

Yesterday I was pondering a five part evangelistic series from the start of Genesis, more on that later/soon. 

Glen Scrivener cites Brian Cox:
"Every civilization has its own creation story": The ancient Chinese, indian mystics and Christian theologians all place a divine creator at the heart of their creation stories. Science too has an elaborate story that describes the universe’s genesis. It tells us how the fundamental constituents of the cosmos took on their form. The difference with this story is that we can test it. We can find out if its true by tearing matter apart and looking at the pieces. All you need is a machine powerful enough to restage the first moments after creation… 
Glen then responds:
The Christian story looks very different. This is because time and chance are not the main players in this story. The Christian story begins with a purposeful Creator Father who makes all things in and through and for His Son, Jesus, in the power of His eternal Spirit. Already you can see that the Christian’s story of the world will be very different...
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