Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Narnia Code: Planet Narnia by Michael Ward

Just watched The Narnia Code on BBC1. It's a fascinating look at the Narnia Chronicles, triggered by Michael Ward noticing that CS Lewis wrote a poem about Jupiter in which he summarised it as being "winter past, and guilt forgiven" which is a very fine five word summary of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Ward argues that Lewis believed in a meaning-drenched universe, that you have to have this if you're going to believe in Christianity. Even though the stories of the planets aren't true, the point is they they display the sense that this universe is radiating the glory of God.

I've ordered the book, all 364 pages of it. Having walked with CS Lewis over recent months, enjoying several of his imaginative novels (like Perelandra) and essays (like The Funeral of a Great Myth), enjoying his perspective on God's meaningful universe. Our apologetic can learn much from Lewis I'm sure, not just to argue rigorously, but to invite people to see the universe as so much richer than we care to admit in the halls of science. And not just our apologetic but our lives - immersed in this world that is at once as vapourous as Qoheleth teaches and yet as very good as Moses records.

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