Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gavin Peacock: Up until then football was my God.. [but] our souls were made for the majesty of Christ

The Times continues to follow the story of Gavin Peacock's move from football pundit to pastor-in-training...

Gavin Peacock practises what he preaches in new career
Now 41, he became a Christian aged 19. “I walked into a youth group as a young professional footballer with money in his pocket, a nice car, promising career,” he says. “The world would say I’ve got everything. And these young people were just sitting around talking about Christ as if they knew him personally. I thought, ‘There’s something real here and something missing in my life... Up until then football was my God. Suddenly, everything fell into its proper place. I realised who Jesus was and what He had done on the cross by dying for my sin. We want to partake in something of beauty, of glory, to take us out and up. Our souls were made for the majesty of Christ,” 
he says, not watching the screen. Voice calm, clear and certain, eyes ablaze."

Helpfully Peacock highlights that the core issue is - what/who we're worshipping - and then we find the answer in that our souls are made for the majesty of Christ. Creation isn't enough to satisfy, we're made for Christ. Someone has been reading CS Lewis, John Piper... and/or The Bible!

Peacock is working at Canmore Mountain Baptist Church.

ht: Adrian Reynolds