Thursday, February 12, 2009

Onwards and upwards in veneration of Charles Darwin

Paul Eddy asked the Church of England to affirm the uniqueness of Christ and the need to evangelise..... Cranmer reports that they've decided to do it. The General Synod: "the Church of England has a mandate to proselytise; to convert all non-believers. Eschewing all the multicultural and multi-faith political correctness of pluralism, they reiterated the uniqueness of Christ and the imperative of preaching the gospel to all – even Jews and Muslims, whatever the offence."

I asume that also means Anglicans are free to evangelise Darwinians, whose founder is 200 today - impressive evolution. (ht: Reynolds). That said, the 'Great Myth' would survive if Darwin never existed, as Buddhism can handle if Buddha never was, but Christianity holds itself hostage to the existence in history of Christ. It's the achiles heel and the greatest strength of Christianity - it's not about a person but about what God has done in history. Dropping in at another FREE Week at yesterday that note sounded again as Robin Sydserf hosted a lunchtime talk for thoughtful Plymouth students.

As humanity proclaims its heroes and strives onwards and upwards the attainment of David Beckham is still not enough to make England win.