Thursday, January 08, 2009

10 Habits of Highly Ineffective Pulpiteers

Michael Jensen has a great post on things that need to disappear:
  1. Merely 'explaining/teaching the Bible' and not preaching the living Word of God. (I think we should ban the phrase 'we are now going to hear the Bible explained'. I don't need it explained. I need it preached.)
  2. Introducing us to the text and not to the issue addressed by the text.*
  3. Providing overelaborate explanations of the biblical-theological background to no great end.
  4. Moralising from the Old Testament.
And six more at The Blogging Parson...
* which is really hard to do, and is one of the many reasons I think Tim Keller is a genius, because he seems to be able to do this one really well.

See also: Michael Jensen's next bookblog HIM: An Introduction, and his excellent post on preaching like Peter Roebuck