Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top Christian Books (2008)

1. You can change - Tim Chester. Everything you could ask for in a popular book on discipleship. Influenced by the puritans and by CCEF and everyone else I love. Tim is full of wise pastoral insight and keeps churning out outstanding books like Total Church and his forthcoming Ordinary Hero. His blog should be on your blogroll.Book Review

2. Worship Matters - Bob Kauflin. This is and will long be the book on worship which I expect to receive widespread acceptance. Bob writes from years and years of experience and it shows. The only T4G book on this list, strangely - though to be fair I'd got several of them before and gave a lot of them to others. Meeting Bob Kauflin was one of the many highlights of the trip to the USA. Another unmissable blogger.Book Review

3. Alarm to the Unconverted Sinner - Joseph Alleine. Puritan read of the year. Outstanding and bold in the face of sin - plus a 1000 word 'sinners prayer'.

4. Miracles - C.S. Lewis.
The best apologetics book I read this year. He starts a long way back, engages with peoples arguments and ideas and wins you heart. Catch a glimpse.

5. Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life - Colin Duriez.
I didn't know enough about Schaeffer before this year - Duriez biography filled up the first day of my summer holiday and led me to buy his books on Genesis and Joshua. Tom Price endorses this simply: Schaeffer is my hero. I agree. Reflections

6. The Reason for God - Tim Keller.
Anyone could read this - a training resource for Christians but really a reasonable accessible defence of Christian thinking that someone who isn't a Christian would feel is written for them. This is the book Richard Dawkins needs to answer to. Book Review. Not many Keller mp3s online but get any you can from, or iTunes or Oak Hill. Keller's The Prodigal God is top of the pile to read in 2009. Thanks Larry.

7. The Kingdom and The Power - Peter Leithart. 
I bought this a couple of years ago and only started to see it's value this year. Very helpful on Genesis following the details and themes of what God is doing. I also enjoyed his Solomon among the Postmoderns. is always full of sparkly insights

8. Dominion and Dynasty - Stephen Dempster.
This has also been on my shelf for a while and has come into usefulness this year - also for the material on Genesis, particularly the twin themes of genealogy and geography. I imagine the material on the rest of the OT is outstanding too.

9. Death by Love - Mark Driscoll.
Driscoll's best yet, though I wait expectantly for Vintage Church. Bold, pastoral, engaging, weighty and cross-saturated. Get mp3s from Mars Hill Church

=10.  Lectures to my students - CH Spurgeon.
Classic book for anyone in 'ministry' and big thanks to CCN for the gift of it.

=10. But is it real? - Amy Orr-Ewing.
Short practical book on engaging with popular apologetics arguments. Amy & Frog Orr-Ewing blog.

Special mentions - Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament edited by D.A. Carson and G.K. Beale -  the resource book of the year. On the Incarnation by Athanasisus - the oldest (non-Bible) book I've read this year and brilliant. 
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