Monday, December 15, 2008

The road to fatherhood...

Gradually the prospect of being a father is becoming very real to me. My wife is very obviously pregnant now (though the kids at school have been pretty slow on the uptake) and babybish kicks very strongly.

Two weeks ago we went to the breastfeeding seminar, last week we repainted our spareroom and on Saturday we went and acquired our travel system (I'm learning new jargon daily at the moment). We're told it's all about the wheels, and ours has fine wheels. It some ways for us it was all about the boot - since our car has a fairly small one. But this one fits and is what we wanted. Big thanks to Scott and Barbie who expertly introduced us to their travel system a couple of weeks ago (due a couple of weeks before us).

Much more to learn along the way no doubt. It's a whole new world.