Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 10 UK Christian Bloggers (by Technorati)

I'm not really taking this seriously... but do think it's interesting.

I'm working with a loose defintinon of Christian and Christian blogger (which is more a reference to the author than to their content), limited to UK-based bloggers, based on blogs I'm aware of. The ranking is based on Technorati which charts influence among bloggers. I'll update monthly. Do comment if I've missed a blog that should be on the list.


1. Andrew Jones (-) (5.1k)
2. Jon Birch (+1) (8.7k)
3. Dave Walker (-1) (10.6k)
4. Adrian Warnock (-) (13.2k)
5. Jonny Baker (-) (31.1k)
6. Colin Adams (-) (35.6k)
7. Tim Chester (-) (55.8k)
8. Dave Bish (-) (66.8k)
9. Terry Virgo (-) (74k)
10. Martin Downes (-) (88.7k)

TSK noted that the current top 10 is all male so I thought I'd highlight some female bloggers I'm aware of, ranked by Technorati:

Titus 2 Talk (108.7k)
Ros Clarke (220.4k)
Emily Woods (221.9k)
Lindsay Langdon (267.6k)
Libbie (420.1k)
Rosemary Grier (447.7k)
Carla Harding (657.7k)
Jude Smith (806.3k)
Cat Hare (908.5k)
A path less followed (908.5k)

UPDATE: Maggi Dawn (55.7k) - which changes the picture a bit. I'll include her in the next update. Do let me know about others I've probably missed, it's a big blogosphere... And I would love to be able to remove myself from the Top 10 because I find it laughable that I'm there.