Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Resurrection Empowered Life by Adrian Warnock

Adrian Warnock is the latest blogger to get a book contract from Crossway. Having glimpsed the outline of this it looks like it could be a good one.
"The book is based on the premise that we have a tendency to under-emphasize the resurrection. I will discuss why this is, and then explore the evangelistic, doctrinal, and experiential implications of the resurrection. I have personally been greatly affected by thinking and studying about the resurrection for many months now. I genuinely believe that it is a subject that can energize and empower us."
Pray for him as he writes it. Publishing date wont be til sometime in 2010.

Get a taste by reading this post on the resurrection empowered life from April 2007:
"To me the conclusion of these verses is simple. We are supposed to gaze upon the glory of Jesus, the Risen Lord, and as we do so, we will be transformed into His image and live a resurrection empowered life."