Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remove This Cup

Spoke last night at a joint meeting of University of Plymouth and Marjons Christian Unions on Mark 14v1-42 under the title "Remove This Cup" (as part of a series they're doing in Mark's gospel). In the first half I try to argue for divine judgement being reasonable and then show that what we're trying to avoid we can aviod - not by denial but by Jesus drinking the cup of divine wrath at sin for us. The first half is essentially the same as I used for my talk on "Death and the Smell of Jesus" in September. I find speaking on this subject personally affecting as I engage with the reality of wrath, the situation of those I know who aren't Christians and the amazing extent of salvation.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Remove This Cup - Dave Bish (34mins)

The quality of the recording isnt great. I've cleaned it up a bit but it's still a bit noisy. Obviously CJ Mahaney's "The Cup" has influenced my reading of this chapter. I avoided re-listening to it when preparing but his preaching of it is outstanding.

Adrian Reynolds on preachers notes