Saturday, November 29, 2008

24: Redemption

Last Monday evening I went out, played football and came home to watch 24: Redemption at 10pm until 1145pm. It'd been 18 months so any 24 was going to be good 24...

The series needed a reboot and the angle taken is to try and fuse West Wing and Blood Diamond (though the Africa bit should be out of the picture by the time Day 7 starts in January). What we get is Jack shouting in Africa, child-soliders and an introduction to new characters in Washington though with no identifiable focus. A new enemy is coming though we don't quite know why or what for, a new president is being sworn in and hasn't made much of an impact yet.

While it was good to have Jack back this felt a bit weak, a bit unfocussed. Partly the problem was only having two recognisable characters from before - Jack and the exiting president. I know that others will be back in Day 7 but for now we didn't have much to connect with. And likewise, CTU Los Angeles is gone but all we now have are non-specific locations in Washington and a new president delivering an unimpressive speech at her inauguration.

Two hours is a bit short. There were no 'terrorists' to torture. No 24 ringtone. No Chloe. A bit of Jon Voight. It was all a bit forgettable - but good news: Jack is back.