Saturday, August 30, 2008

The West Wing and the battle for my affections.

The West Wing is possibly the greatest TV series (up there beyond 24, Heroes and House). And now I find myself battling with self-control: All seven seasons, all 44 discs of The West Wing for £73.97 (reduced from £208.99). Thankfully I can't quite bring myself to splash out that kind of money on DVDs... even that kind of a bargain. I feel the battle for my affections in the click of a mousepad...

Confessions time, we decided this could be a Christmas present. Last luxury for a while, and a delayed gratification for a few months. Imperfectly working things out. Funny how some days I could probably pay £73 for something without blinking and other days it's difficult... somedays you have to spend more than that on a set of tyres for the car.

It's good to say no. Good to engage with the question of whether or not to spend money on something. There's something joyful about being able to enjoy the creativity of other people, something joyful about the responsibility of spending the money entrusted to me.