Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video-preaching: Is there a preacher in the room?

Mark Driscoll does it. John Piper does it.
Bob Hyatt critiques the idea of running multiple venues with one preacher.
The celebrity church must die. And doing anything – like video venues – that prolongs its life, even in the name of the lost, runs counter to the best interests of the Church in all its expressions, big and small, and its mandate to see more people not only reached, but gifted, trained, and sent.
I have to say I'd feel somewhat short changed just to watch a preacher on screen rather than actually in the room. I don't know anyone in the UK who is doing this, but I imagine someone will. It feels odd to me because it surely encourages us to be person centred, I can't see how it helps raise up future preachers. I know there are advantages in terms of coherence between congregations, and I know that Driscoll uses campus pastors to do everything else - and that those guys preach 3 months a year. But why not all year?

We need more churches, but let's build them around leaders who are qualified and able to teach. Podcasting and vodcasting preaching is (a bit) like reading a book. It's beneficial, but when I come to meet with my church we should be able to find someone from amongst us who can lay a feast from God's word for us.