Thursday, August 14, 2008

The world came into existence by virtue of a sermon preached by God.

"The world came into existence by virtue of a sermon preached by God. We live in a day when some would ask, is preaching still relevant, is preaching still necessary. It is, only if you are Christian. The Bible begins in Genesis 1 with God being the first preacher. Creation comes into existence by God's proclamation. We see God is our creator. He creates by preaching. Ten times, God said. And seven times, God saw. When God's word goes forth it accomplish. It accomplishes life. We are following in the example of God. In his image and likeness. Which includes preaching. It reveals God. It creates order. It brings life. It creates an environment in which life can come into existence. The preached word brings the church into existence. It divides. It has authority. It accomplishes what it was intended to do. In Genesis 3 there is another preacher. The serpent. He preaches to our first parents. He undermined God's word, God's authority, bringing death. The question is not - will there be preaching, but what will be preached? Where there is a low view of preaching, the serpent will preach. Oprah is discipling America. One of the serpents lies is that we need not preach...."
Mark Driscoll: Putting preachers in their place at Text and Context conference