Friday, August 15, 2008

Before 'In the beginning'

"Something existed before creation and that something was personal and not static; the Father loved the Son; there was a plan; there was communication; and promises were made prior to the creation of the heavens and the earth. (a claim Schaeffer support from 6 texts) ...the whole conception is rooted in the reality of the Trinity. Without the Trinity, Christianity would not have the answers that modern man needs... God could create by a free act of the will because before creation there was the Father who loved the Son and there was also the Holy Spirit to love and be loved." (p18+26, Genesis in Space and Time, Francis A. Schaeffer, IVPUSA, 1972)

Francis Schaeffer sets out to show how the Book of Genesis sets the scene for man to live. Assuming that we will at least consider the claims of the Bible, he stacks up Biblical arguments to make his point convincingly and shape our concept of what reality is. This challenges modern theories and yet presents a more compelling story than those who would say there was once utterly nothing and then everything. The Book of Genesis opens by saying: there was God. And then there was this.

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