Friday, July 18, 2008

This is the acid test of a truly Reformed ministry – that other believers need not be Reformed in order to be respected and included in our hearts.

"What unifies the church is the gospel. What defines the gospel is the Bible. What interprets the Bible correctly is a hermeneutic centered on Jesus Christ crucified, the all-sufficient Savior of sinners, who gives himself away on terms of radical grace to all alike. What proves that that gospel hermeneutic has captured our hearts is that we are not looking down on other believers but lifting them up, not seeing ourselves as better but grateful for their contribution to the cause, not standing aloof but embracing them freely, not wishing they would become like us but serving them in love ...take your Reformed theology to a deeper level. Let it reduce you to Jesus only. Let it humble you. Let this gracious doctrine make you a fun person to be around. The proof that we are Reformed will be all the wonderful Christians we discover around us who are not Reformed. Amazing people. Heroic people. Blood-bought people. People with whom we are eternally one – in Christ alone." Ray Ortlund, Reformed Sociology ht: JT
This is the mentality of the gospel. An attitude of trust toward others. An attitude of generosity and warmth. Ortlund finds himself being read by me, a fellow 'Reformed' blogger, but imagine if we all took on this humble gracious approach to one another. Trusting other Christians instead of suspecting them. Seeking what was best for them. UCCF South West is a partnership of churches through which students reach students - how deeply and desperately we need this kind of warmth for one another. And, Praise God, we often have it! Come with us, we'll do you good.