Friday, July 18, 2008

Teach The Bible, or Preach The Christ?

This captures a challenge I'm currently facing...
Michael Jensen: "I was speaking with a prominent English conservative evangelical not so long ago, and we were talking about preaching. He had a gripe: the phrase 'bible teaching' has crept into the evangelical vocabulary to describe what used to be called 'preaching'. A church is great, we will say, because 'the bible teaching is excellent'. But, he said, the vocab change is significant: it represents a shift to a more cognitive, flat and explanatory style of discourse. The hearers will not be exhorted or edified so much as 'taught'. What's more, and perhaps more seriously, we talk less of preaching Christ, but of teaching the Bible. A subtle but significant difference perhaps?" (ht: Stephen Murray)
I'm looking for someone to come and speak at a student leaders weekend in Spring 2009. What I want is someone who will thrill us and engage our hearts by preaching Christ from the scriptures. What I fear is only being able to get someone who will teach the Bible.