Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mark Driscoll: "Not my sexiest preaching"

Because Mark Driscoll is totally on fire when preaching about Jesus in the Book of Revelation, and all we've had is the Spirit and being intentionally missional. I skipped the evening session today to sit around a dinner table with six other members of our local church to try and begin to talk through what Mark Driscoll's afternoon message means for us.

The (sinful) instinctive is to think about teaching it to others, but the real deal is to go and live it ourselves. That's going to mean breaking through being British (which Driscoll exposed us for - as in, one of the reasons Britain is non-Christian is that you're British and so you don't talk to people) and starting to be more human, to engage with culture and genuinely contextualise - showing that the gospel is relevant. We don't need to make it relevant - it is. We need to show it. This was Driscoll as heard before but you could tell he had studied us to know where to aim his message.

So far Mark Driscoll has given us a Luke-Acts theology of the Spirit and the Church. And then given us 8 marks of a Biblical Church. And this afternoon he got from marks 2 to 8.3.viii (of 27 subpoints, and there was apparently a point 8.4). Driscoll preaches off an A4 sheet of notes with a Bible for an hour a time - he lives and breathes this stuff. I couldn't care less about the structure I just wish there was time for even more of what he's bringing us.

UCCF lives and breathes this stuff, but I turned to our director Richard Cunningham after the session and said we have to up our game on this. We need to give more training and get living it more if we're going to see CUs take the Universities for Jesus and so see the local church grow. I enjoyed the banter with Richard and Nigel and also good times today with lots of the guys from Frontiers Church Exeter.