Sunday, June 29, 2008

Christology & Revelation (Mike Reeves)

Historical Theolgy isn't consider all that cool but when you hear Mike savour the taste of it that's likely to change.

Mike Reeves, UCCF's Theology Advisor, is gradually walking us through Historical Theology over the course of our rolling 4 year study programme. This began at our Staff Conference in January with his material on the early church fathers (now available at

Next year we'll move to an indepth study on Athanasius, but midway (at our tri-regional Summer School) we considered the debates over Christologyin the 5th Century which led to the writing of the Chalcedonian creed. Why? Because Christology has huge implications for our Doctrine of Revelation. Mike's work here is an excellent example of the need for Historical Theology. It'd be easy to respond quickly to false doctrine about the authority and nature of Scripture, but with this historical perspective the real underlying issues can be addressed.

Three sessions here are split into six files around 35-45mins each.

Christology & Revelation (1 - 35:17)

Christology & Revelation (2 - 38:20)

Christology & Revelation (3 - 44:35)

Christology & Revelation (4 - 40:46)

Christology & Revelation (5 - 38:34)

Christology & Revelation (6 - 38:18)

The UCCF Staff Study Programme, launched in 2007/8 is a rolling four year programme of study on Historical Theology, Doctrine, Biblical Studies, Apologetics and Pastoral Care - study is done 4 hours a week through reading and mp3s, supplemented with regional team training and annual Staff Conference. Study is designed to add depth to understanding, richness to love of Jesus, and character to living.