Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Without affirming the uniqueness of Christ... the Church of England will forfeit any claim to the Gospel"

Albert Mohler reports on Paul Eddy's challenge to the Church of England: which boils down to should those of other faiths be evangelised? Is the gospel just for those who are already Christians or is there any evangelistic mandate...

The fact that the question needs asking is alarming in itself! One of the things that struck me about Mohler's address at T4G in April was his observation that once you abandon the authority of scripture everything else quickly unravels. Exhibit 1: The Church of England. I love *much* (not all) of what the Theoretical Church of England stands for. Sadly the CofE I have affection for doesn't exist (and possibly never did). It's the CofE personified by Latimer, Ridley, Simeon and co. and outlined in (most of) The 39 Articles. The theory of churches founded on sound doctrine, locally focussed and essentially independent but with some measure of oversight regionally for the church leaders, is a great theory. The CofE has possibly largely given up on this.

The Newfrontiers family, of which we're now a part, seems to be working this out in practice - the challenge is to sustain that. Staying on track in the first generation of a movement is one thing, continuing to contend for the gospel in subsequent generation is not something to be taken for granted.

An ongoing commitment to the evangelisation of all peoples with the Biblically-defined gospel of Jesus Christ keep things going in the right direction. Avoiding the drift takes courage, but more than that it takes deep clarity about Jesus Christ, that he really is the Lord, the only Saviour and the greatest treasure of all.