Monday, May 26, 2008

What do you think about Florida?

I'm not all that interested in the 'Florida Revival' and I've not looked into the specifics of it all, except for some glances at Todd Bentley's website a couple of years ago and it's increasing appearances on blogs - which I'm now adding too...

But, a few people have asked for my opinion on it recently, to which I've happily confessed my ignorance about it, and my general lack of opinion. What it does provide is a helpful opportunity to think about what genuine works of God look like.

And that being the case here are two helpful things to look at, both written by charismatics
The latter is particularly interesting as it's Storms' interpretation of Jonathan Edwards reflections on the basis of the American revivals of his time, and Edwards doesn't write as a charismatic. Storms helps unpack the somewhat unwieldy Edwards to show us twelve signs that prove nothing, and twelve things that mark a genuine work of God - accompanied by Edwards 'personal narrative' of his experience of God.

I'm all for charismaticism with a Biblical seatbelt. To test and weigh something is an act of faith, that drives us to God's word so we can reject what isn't real and so we can believe what is real.