Sunday, May 04, 2008

Moses, Micah and the Cross

I'm preparing to preach on the end of Micah in a month.
So much of the language echoes Moses' song in Exodus 15.

Micah 7v15 - What Micah looks to will like when they came out of Egypt.
Ex 15v14 & Micah 7v17 - The nations tremble.
Ex 15v1 - the horse and his rider thrown into the sea.
Micah 7v19 - sins thrown into the depths of the sea.
Exodus 15v11 & Micah 7v18 - Who is like you God?
Moses looked back and celebrated the victory of God.
Micah however looks forward rather than backwards.
He looks forward in faith to God's salvation.
God says "I will show them marvelous things" (ESV, Micah 7v15).
The world will be shown God's salvation.
They will see his love, righteousness and wrath.
Where? Surely we're to say - Micah's faith is in the direction of the cross, though he doesn't yet know it. He looks ahead to a salvation like, but greater than, the Exodus.

Reading Micah we look ahead with him,. We see at the Cross God's salvation, seeing clearly what he could only believe for. We see the accomplishment of Jesus. The event that will sends out shockwaves to silence the nations and bring them to their knees, just as Micah said. The cross that reveals and secures the grace of God. Grace that does more than throw God's enemies into the depths of the sea (7v19), it can throw our sins there also! Micah sees beyond the unanswered question of how sin can be forgiven, the persistent tension of the Old Testament, and sees the God who will pardon sin (7v17), delight in mercy (7v17), turn aside his anger (7v18) and keep his promises to his people (7v20).

Micah, full of prophetic faith, sees the gobsmacking gospel of the grace of God.

-John Calvert , Matthew Henry, John Calvin