Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ibrahim sacrificing his son?

So, the kids at my wife's school are studying sacrifice this week.
As part of that they were taught today "the Islamic story of Ibrahim" (that'll be Abraham) being asked to sacrifice his son, a story celebrated at Eid ul-adha. Application: be sacrificial. Lots of questions from that.. of which two:

1. When's Christianity going to get some air-time? I'm not all that fussed about this, because I don't really expect it. But, in a pluralistic society, surely Jesus should at least have a seat at the table. A table in the world that he made, owns, sustains and stakes his claim on.

2. If that's the Islamic application of Genesis 22 how come Christians tend to teach it the same way? Similarity from the same text isn't too absurd, but Jesus did say that a right understanding of Genesis (and the rest of the Old Testament) means believing in Jesus, and I don't see the Muslim doing that. How often do we teach the Old Testament in a way that Jews and Muslims (or even Atheists) would have no issues with, rather than being thoroughly Christ-centred?

Genesis 22 is Christian Scripture about Jesus Christ! Praise God that he so loved his world that he provided his One and Only son, who is also Abraham's offspring, to die in our place. His glorious sacrifice to save us for himself - not so we can try to be more sacrificial but so we can live!

See Mike Reeves - Enjoying the Cross (1) for some excellent unpacking of Genesis 22 from a Christ-exalting angle.