Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Train people to do mission work to our dying culture!

Maurice McCracken writes:...what we want to do in UCCF is train people to do mission work to our dying culture! I want to immerse them in the Bible AND in pioneering missionary work, mentoring and frontier mission on Britain’s campuses. I do not want to have a “theological upper hand” card played at me to trump that so someone who could be an effective campus missionary can move chairs, when I’m quite sure that taking a year off secular work for a year of training on Relay will not be wasted, whatever they go on to do. Is it just possible, that apprentice-ships can sometimes be (not always, dear reader, lest you think I am over-generalising) a middle class way to deal with the deaconing that needs done in our churches – “we are all too busy to serve the church, so throw a bit of money to get a graduate in to do it”.

A very accute observation on the middle-class church scene. I, like Mo, see young graduates flocking to be paid pennies to clean toilets and move chairs (and get very good training) but it would make much more sense for us to either get them into graduate jobs for the glory of God - or could you please let us release them into our dying culture for mission. As employees of UCCF of course we he and I have a vested interested why else would we be doing the work we're doing :)

Ever wise, Pete Dray comments very constructively on this issue

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