Friday, February 22, 2008

Terry Virgo on Proclamation Evangelism

From a feature article in NB, UCCF's free magazine. Available by contacting the UCCF office:

"When Luke records the growth of the Church in the Acts of the Apostles, he simply says that the word of the Lord grew, spread, prevailed and multiplied. He doesn't say converts multiplied but that the word did. Proclaimed truth was prevailing. It has power in itself"

"The idea that there was once a time when straight proclamation evangelism was popularly in vogue doesn't bear investigation. Jesus himself was challenge by what authority he spoke and acted.... some have suggested that Christians need to display more humility, but sadly this sentiment is often misplaced. Certainly we should always show appropriate courtesy in presenting our message, but it would be wholy inappropriate to try and communicate humilty by expressing lack of certainty or personal doubt in the actually message we are communicating.... We need to be comprehensible and relevant. We must also stick to the point. We are witnesses to his resurrection. Forgiveness is available. Eternal life can be faced with joy and certainty. Death is defeated. Jesus is alive and can be known. Boldness is not inappropriate when we have good news to tell. "

Pod Bhogal opens NB with a quote from Norman Grubb "The Spirit distinctly came on me to go and speak in no uncertain terms to all I knew personally who had not accepted Christ. I went and pulled no punches, and a number came out for Christ, about sixteen of them. This caused a stire like a touch of revival. As I shared these experiences with others in the Christian Union, it came like a vision to me that every university and college in Britain and the world should have its evangelical and witnessing Christian Union, as we had." That was 1923. And it is happening.