Friday, January 18, 2008

Pastoral Refreshment Conference (UK)

Living Leadership presents The Pastoral Refreshment Conference
5-7 February 2008 at Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire
Main theme: Enjoying God’s Grace in Leadership, and the main sessions are as follows: Grace, weakness and power, grace and glory, grace and integrity, along with a pastoral main session on loneliness and team work and an outstanding set of seminars:

1. Grace, Marriage and Ministry
Hosted by: Peter & Judy Comont
2. Faith and Doubt on theFront Line
Hosted by: Philip Warburton
3. Looking After Your Spiritual Life
Hosted by: Graham & Cate Cooke
4. Loving Your Church
Hosted by: Pete Lowman
5. Listening to Lessons from the Church Around the World
Hosted by: Jonathan Lamb
6. & 9. Nurturing and Developing Leaders
Hosted by: Marcus Honeysett
7. Woman to Woman
Hosted by: Debbie Hardyman & Alison Risbridger
8. Leading with a Forgiving Heart
Hosted by: John & Alison Risbridger
10. Man to Man
Hosted by: Dave Burke