Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mystery Tent

Today I went to London. I stood outside of All Souls and then had much conversation with Clive Parnell at the Borders Starbucks over a Grande Fresh Coffee and a Gingerbread Latte (Clive). Mostly we were brainstorming exciting resources for the upcoming UCCF gospel project but also some really encouraging thinking about the humanity of human beings... and the way people should be treated as people. E.g. When speakers (or bands) come to CU meetings it's common that offering them expenses/gifts is an occasional after thought rather than a pro-active concern to be generous, thankful, valuing of what they've come to do. But we only get there when we think bigger than mere intellectual assent to God's gospel, and start seeing that people are image-bearers, thinking-feeling-eating people. I was reminded of a recent sermon at our new church, from Hebrews 13, reminding of how it's meant to be a joy for leaders to lead - yet how rare any encouragment can be. Easy for us to critique, but how rare to be thankful.

Today I also finished reading Northern Lights. Thoughts some time, but then I also have reviewage to do on Signs of the Spirit and Velvet Elvis and several other books!

Clive's been busy recording...
The Mystery Tent CD out in January