Sunday, December 23, 2007

Film (2007)

1. Hot Fuzz - Hilarity and gore from Simon Pegg.
2. The Bourne Ultimatum - The only good three-squel this year.
3. Zodiac - Fincher on form, Seven from the angle of the investigators.
4. The last King of Scotland - quality Africa drama with James McAvoy and Forest Whitaker.
5. Babel - Like 21 Grams but not quite so good. Too clever and fragmented for it's own good.
6. Starter for Ten - university challenge with McAvoy. Released 2006.
7. Blood Diamond - big screen Africa with De Caprio.
8. Atonement - more McAvoy, and Ikea Knightly. Same qualities and weaknesses as the book. Like Enduring Love, a good film but the book is better.
9. Amazing Grace - Maybe not brilliantly made but the story is worth it.
10. Sunshine - wierd sci-fi. Sort of Solaris but better.

It's always the case that I'll have missed one or two of the best films through my own ignorance or their unavailability at local cinemas. What must I not miss on DVD early next year?

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