Friday, December 07, 2007

Driscoll on a mission

Terry Virgo reports that Mark Driscoll will be at Together on a Mission in 2008. As does Adrian Warnock. I heard a rumour about that two days ago... ooo. "Mark Driscoll whose emphasis on the Word of God will do us enormous good". With Don Carson, Terry Virgo and John Piper at New Word Alive (with Piper also at Cheltenham Bible Festival and at UCCF Forum), it should be a good year for Bible teaching at conferences in the UK. I ponder who might be at NWA in 2009? CJ Mahaney? Wayne Grudem? Mark Dever? Tim Keller? Liam Goligher? Mark Driscoll? Greg Haslam?

Conferences aren't everything but they can be a good service to the church. I'm looking forward to being at New Word Alive (where I'll be teaching some theology of speech), Together for the Gospel, Forum and maybe Together on a Mission during 2008. What's more vital is good Bible teaching week-by-week in our churches. Hopefully good Biblical conferences serve to equip the church and equip it's teachers for increasingly faithful ministry. The task is simple: Preach the Word. The challenge is to do it.