Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seven Days

I'm not going to get into the current credo/paedobaptism discussion that kicked off after Wayne Grudem rewrote a page in his Systematic Theology. It's not an issue I'm entirely resolved upon at the moment, having begun to consider the arguments for baptising the children of believers about 18 months ago.

That said, I think these thoughts from Abraham & John Piper are well worth considering... Are paedobaptists unrepentant - posted by Abraham Piper.

As part of UCCF we have a doctrinal basis of fellowship that we require Christians to believe to have fellowship with us. The form of baptism is not specified. What do we say about those with whom we differ on other points - be they the specifics of sovereignty, the continuation of charismatic gifts, or baptism?

I'm inclined to say that a brother or sister can, like me, have imperfect theology and still be humbly repentant. Otherwise we exclude everyone. The question remains - where do you draw the line? What is appropriate to include in a doctrinal basis of fellowship? Is it appropriate for a church to specify baptism within it's DB?

This, we do agree upon - revelling in the supremacy of Jesus!

Link: David Field highlights Peter Leithart's book:
The Baptised Body (pdf extract)

1. Heroes
A wonderful few hours with my oldest supporters, Oliver & Daisy. We could have talked all day - I want to be like them.

2. Bourne Ultimatum
Orange Wednesdays and an evening with my sister & brother-in-law.

3. Office
A few minutes in the office.
Pod on the phone.
Every desk should be like Dan's.
And that's where I recognised Heather Begg from.

4. Exchange
No more calls to the Lawyers. All sorted.

5. 24
What else do you do when you're waiting to move house during a wet August. Days 1 & 2 rewatched (over the course of three weeks not seven days). Sadly Pod has the rest so we can't watch any more for now :(

6. Bed
Buying a new one. And it not being the most expensive thing we bought that day. Beds are cheaper than houses.

7. Funky Pancake of the Week: