Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Joyfully reformed

Mark Dever begins a 10 part blog series on : Where'd all these Calvinists come from? I'm happy to bear the nickname Calvinist and there all sort of influences that have brought me to that position. See also Young, restless and reformed. Terry Virgo today : Anyone in newfrontiers would know how much we treasure these doctrines. I am not sure that someone would feel they couldn't join us if they were not reformed. We have never said you have to be reformed to belong. But it is widely known and understood outside our circles that we are reformed and charismatic. That's how people see us. I have often said that I don't know how people who don't fully believe in the sovereignty of God can sleep peacefully at night.

Sadly today the man with a good reformed name Jonathan Edwards, walks away from God. His testimony that "his inner sense of God’s presence was fictitious". Commented on by : Mike, Adrian. Shows to me the importance of having good deep foundations. I'm off to read the other Jonathan Edwards on Religious Affections - what real Christian experience looks like.