Saturday, March 24, 2007

Seven Days

MP3 of the Week

Mark Driscoll on Alcohol - written up as The Sin of Light Beer in Radical Reformission

Link of the week

SteffyB on Swearing

1. Relocation, relocation

We're moving to Exeter in August because I have a new job, leading the UCCF team in the South West.

2. Holy Spirit

Peter Kingston of Wycliffe Bible Translators teaching us about listening to the Spirit. See also John Piper on hearing the voice of God.

Team life is great.

3. Homegroup

Leaving is happiness and sadness. Daniel 9 with friends... "hear be wackos" as someone has said.

4. Contentment

Teaching this to the team, hard lessons that I'm still trying to learn. Hopefully these also become chapter 4 (or 3) of my book next week.

5. Evidently Anna Mac's flat

Good company and Lettuce Soup as we enjoyed Jesus together

6. Crazyphobias

Visiting Adrian's church to talk about UCCF, and dinner with his family. The man who provides his guest with a triple espresso is a man of great character.

7. Gareth's last team days

Expressing our thankfulness to the man who has led the South East team for the last seven years. He's been a great example of leadership, not least because of his deep concern for us - beyond just our work.

"...he loves first, asks questions second."

A remarkably brief and beautifully accurate tribute from Al Macinnes.