Friday, February 09, 2007

Writing 'Treasure'

I've once again done some book writing this morning. After a few months away from the project I've found a fresh enthusiasm for it. The last two friday mornings I've been trying been working on 7000 words in the chapter on Giving, provisionally...

Chapter 3 - Giving: The art of displaying your treasure.

I've found getting the words on screen relatively easy (though it may all be utter drivel). The hard part has been feeling the effect of God's word on my heart, cutting deep at my priorities and true passions. God's word cuts deep. The thesis of the chapter is that far from being a miserable burden, giving is meant to be both a work of God's grace in us and a great display of that same grace which is found in our treasure, Jesus. This however utterly reorders our economic ideas and does havoc with our ideas about what we need in life.

My fresh energy for it is partly thanks to former Reading CU chairman Tom Riches, with whom I've been doing some Bible study in 2 Corinthians 8-9. After next weeks mission week we'll resume with some study on Contentment, probably from 1 Timothy and Philippians, which should lead me to get on with:

Chapter 4 - Contentment: Learning to stand in all weathers.

I expect this to be just as concrete and practical as the one on giving. Here the idea is that we gain contentment not from our circumstances but because we know the all surpassing worth of Jesus Christ.

If this ever get into print Tom will be due an acknowledgement as official project guinea pig. My plan is to study this material with the other guys I do 121 with over the coming months, nothing beats getting the Bible's message into the lives of others, and there's no surer way to find out how this stuff really works than to try putting it into practice.

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