Sunday, February 25, 2007

Seven Days

Links of the week:

Ed Goode on Gospel Foolishness

And.. Starbucks talks about Darwin....

1. Vapour

Life and Laptops... and the pleasure and priviledge of preaching Ecclesiastes to the students at Reading.

2. Old times

...with re-discovered friend.

3. Big Story!

Enjoying Galatians 3 with Matt - Paul's glorious exposition of the Old Testament to show that by faith two Gentiles could be sons of God!

4. Soup

Back to supervision with Ed and Carolina. Always a pleasure.

Soup is also good when enjoyed with the Staff team, as in on our Staff Day on Thursday in the company of Prof. Dawkins and Psalm 3.

5. Seeing people in the street

Tom from TVU and then moments later, Jenny from the bank - and at last they're refurbishing it, only 4.5 years after they said they would.

6. Parents

Spending Saturday with my parents. Burgers at Tootsies, walking in Dinton Pastures.

7. In Praise of...

The Mango Smoothie. Mmmm. Simple, and yummy and healthy.