Monday, January 29, 2007

Seven Days - Relay 2 Special

Links of the week:

Jason Clarke recommended:

Derrick Olliff: The Gospel: The Return of the King

(hosted by David Field)

From Monday to Saturday I was at UCCF's Relay 2 conference at Ledbury... Very little happened to me this week that didn't happen there.

1. Anna Mac says...

"God is still God. The gospel is still true..."

...and that's reason #1 why I look forward to Relay 2. This is the model for missions conferences... feasting on God's grace together. Reason #2 is family fun with the staff team... and seeing all the relays again.

Anna ♥ Mo

2. The gospel is the announcement that Jesus Christ is Lord

"Evangelism is announcing the gospel; the gospel is the declaration that the crucified Jesus is Lord of the world; yes, I will always, gladly and as fully as I am allowed expand on the component parts of that announcement - why crucified, who is Jesus, what does lord mean, how do we know, what good does that do us, what response is required and so on. But just look at the Acts sermons or the minimal explicit (there's loads for those with eyes to see) atonement theology in a whole book called a 'gospel' and calm down, O critic. When it boils down to it we're saying (if I'm allowed to be fairly individualistic about this): things aren't right with the world and you are morally responsible and that has consequences; Jesus has put (and is putting) things right and he is the Rescuer-King by cross and resurrection: come to terms with Jesus - submit and receive" - David Field, as quoted by Jason Clarke in "Knowing the Gospel"

3. Telling the gospel

Beware: Romanticism - appeal to feelings, beyond God's promises.

Beware: Relativism - a take it or leave it 'gospel'.

...and then talk about how big Jesus is!

4. Mission without borders

Psalm 96: God's mission - no borders.

The whole world should be responding with joy to God... go because God is there and he's great. Yeah!

5. Decal.

Duly delivered by Paul Huxley from Phil Johnson. Woo!

Cream-'tea' (coffee) with Jo and Dan.

The grandest bus-shelter in the world ever.

6. Getting 'closure' on Zephaniah:

God is bigger than we think he is... Only God can change us through the gospel... Joy comes by accepting this...

...'exult', like I do with coffee, but in God, so bigger and better.

7. Photo of the week

The Spice Boys. Disturbing.