Saturday, September 30, 2006

Theology for All Conference

Went to Theology For All conference at Duke Street Church, Richmond today. Also present were Nathan Burley, Rosemary Grier, Gareth Batten (2 sessions already blogged)and our speaker, Carl Trueman.

I'll blog some of the quality things he said in the days ahead as I process them! It was great to hear perspective on the church today from a church historian - I was very struck by the different angle this brings on theological issues. "A church without church history element is doomed to be irrelevant...". This was supplemented by a strong desire for a growth in humble orthodoxy in the church.

Today inspired me towards full-time study - too many problems occur because of doctrinal shallowness, and lack of grasp of church history. Though, this from David Field makes me query whether the CofE route would be the best option. The jury is out on that for now.

MP3s of Carl Trueman's lectures today will appear in due course. Given the ocpious notes that Grier, Burley and I were taking I guess you'll be able to read up on them soon too. A personal highlight was conversation with Miss Grier over coffees (and hard to handle muffins) on a range of issues during the day.