Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Best Wedding Reception Discos in the World Ever, part 2

Mr Fairbairn and I don't dance, we converse:
  • ...about the great value of old writers (e.g. Spurgeon says: Why It Is Not Necessary to Adapt the Gospel for Postmoderns)
  • ...rejoicing that calvinism makes you stand in awe of God
  • "calvinism is the gospel" (spurgeon, again)
  • the institutes are surprisingly easy to read
  • to teach isaiah and other big books
  • ...jc ryle's five english reformers, and wishing that the reformers had been able to reform a bit further
  • ...psalm 115 amongst others
  • ...about christian unions
  • ...spiritual gifts and other contraversial things
  • its best to open the bible and think about hard things rather than sweep them under the carpet
...and sit happily in the corner generally bah-humbugging whilst our identically attired wives danced the night away. They were happy, so were we. Many many thanks to Phil & Carolina Rout for their generous hospitality and creating this opportunity at their UK wedding reception last night!