Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Best of Blogs

"Grace is that bizarre missing ingredient that mucks up all human foibles, flaws, and fears. Grace is the thing that turns lives upside down. It is a sweet, beautiful irritant.Grace is scandalous. It makes murderers into apostles, it makes victims into forgivers."
Jared @ Shizuka Garden

"All of them will die, many of them without returning to church. Some of those will be our brothers and sisters in Christ who were in sin. I fear that many of them will not have been our brothers and sisters in Christ,
and so they will slip into a Christ-less eternity, face a good and just God
while they are still pleading their own merits for salvation, and fall under
God's deserved penalty forever. We could have helped them, like the man in
I Cor. 5 who was caught in sin (and may have repented II Cor. 2?), or like
the man in Gal. 6:1. But we didn't."
Mark Dever on The Southern Baptist Mistake

"Resolved: Not to plant a church or support the start-up of a church without understanding the existing church landscape, cooperating and supporting in some tangible way existing churches in the area, and considering the community impact of another local church."
Thabiti Anyawile on The Visible Disunity of the Church

"It is not feeling the Spirit that proves my saved state
but the truth of what Christ did perfectly for me;
...It is not inner sensation that makes Christ's death mine
for that may be delusion, being without the Word,
but his death apprehended by my faith,
and so testified by Word and Spirit."
Valley of Vision, cited by Jared @ Shizuka Garden - "That I may always live near the cross"

Meanwhile Ed Goode and Ceryn Oakes have been blogging variously from John Piper's Future Grace, whilst Paul Huxley has been reading Mark Driscoll's Confessions of a Reformission Rev.