Saturday, July 01, 2006

Over again then...

Don't wanna hear the news
What's going on, What's coming through
I don't wanna know, Don't wanna know
Just wanna hide away, Make my my escape
I want the world, To leave me alone
Feels like I feel too much, I've seen too much
For a little while, I want to forget

I wanna be numb
I don't wanna feel this pain no more
Wanna lose touch
I just wanna go and lock the door
I don't wanna think
I don't wanna feel nothing
I wanna be numb
I just wanna be
Wanna be numb

Can't find no space to breathe, World's closing in
Right on me now, Well that's how it feels
That's how it feels, Too much light
There's too much sound, Wanna turn it off
Wanna shut it out, I need some relief
Think that like I think too much, I've seen too much
There is just too much, Thought in my head
Numb; Pet Shop Boys, 2006.
The music on the BBC's end of programme scenes.