Monday, July 24, 2006

Anyone seen Copernicus?

Where's Copernicus when you need him? Apparently on the mind of an African Reverend and on the pages of Christianity Today magazine. Ben Wright asks: Is America the centre of God's activity in the world?. Sitting here in the UK its obvious that that's not the case... and before you bite back the UK isn't the centre either.

He quotes Reverend Niringiye from the Church of Uganda:
If you really want to understand the future of Christianity, go and see what is happening in Asia, Africa, Latin America. It's the periphery—but that's where the action is.
All of this quoted from an article in Christianity Today

Wright concludes:
This seemed rather God-centered to me, and I'm grateful to be reminded that American Christianity is not the once-and-for-all apex of the history of the Church.
To start the global thinking IVP in the UK have a series called The global Christian Library, edited by David Smith and John Stott:

Stott obviously is an Englishman with a lifetime of global vision. Joe Kapolyo is Zambian, Samuel Escobar from Peru and Roland Chia is from Singapore.

Niringiye ends:
Whether in Africa or America, the Cross is not an easy place to be—it is the symbol of our faith, but we do not love the Cross. "Come down from the Cross" is the cry not just of the Jewish leaders; it's the cry even of us Christians. We want Christ to come down from the Cross. We don't like the Cross.
That's where we'll find the centre of God's activity. At the cross, whereever men and women glory in the cross the fame of God will surely spread. Stott's book pleads that we do that. Calling us to stand together at the foot of the cross.

HT: Thabiti Anyabwile