Friday, June 16, 2006

Would You Rather?

From Marcus Honeysett, Finding Joy, IVP 2005, p53:

In this first diagram the sinful person on the left wonders how he can ever be good enough for God. He is taught that he needs to perform well and do good works so tat God will be pleased with him. He tries to put this into practice in Christian living. Unfortunately it doesn't work, because law has now power to produce good in us, so he wears a mask of works in order to be seen to measure up, but he knows no joy.

In this second diagram the sinful person wonders how he can be good enough for God and hears that, because of the death of Jesus, God will accept him freely by grace. In his heart he humbles himself, asks God to forgive him. He goes on to live as a Christian because he expects to recieve all the benefits that flow from God's grace, through the cross of Jesus. He know sure hope and the joy of realizing Jesus has done everything he cannot do for himself.

These two people could well appear quite similiar on the outside... but could not be more different. The second is costly. It means confessing your sin and honestly vonfronting the fact that you can never be good enough for God and admitting that you are totally dependent on him and his grace. But it is the only way. And it is the joyful way.

Would you rather slavery, or freedom?