Thursday, June 01, 2006

Discovering Ireland.

Yeah, that was cool.
Last week we decided, on a whim, to book a 71 hour holiday in Ireland. From Shannon, to Limerick, to Cork, Kinsale, Blarney and Cobh. Very rested and relaxed.

But, some questions.

1. Was that Les Ferdinand in front of us in the check-in queue at Gatwick?. We weren't the only ones to think so. But, wasn't he playing in SoccerAid in Manchester the day before? And, what is an ex-pro footballer doing flying with Easyjet?

2. Is Kinsale at sunset the best place on earth?
Yes. No picture to show you. Largely because I forgot to pick up the camera that evening. But actually, it was better to soak in the experience than spend time digitising the memory. (Even if I'm doing that in words now)

3. Are people really that stupid?
With reference to watching people climb to the top of Blarney Castle, prostrating themselves before a bit of wall and kissing it. That said, we climbed up... did nothing... and climbed down again. Which probably looked a bit pointless. But I enjoyed it.

4. Are Damien and Sarah really that lovely?
Yes. To let us essentially invite ourselves to stay for three days with them. Very lovely people.

And we read the first 8 chapters of Esther, in the Cobh Bible Garden.