Saturday, June 17, 2006


Sam Storms: Convergence
(2006, Kingsway, UK Edition)

  • Charismatic Calvinism rocks - how can you take the Bible seriously and not be both?
  • Good interaction with Ian Stackhouse' The Gospel-Driven Church - some critical but mostly positive
  • Finding the best in Charismaticism and Calvinism!
  • Lessons from Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections
  • Sam Storms: Christian Hedonist
  • Better than Jack Deere's Surprised by the Power of the Spirit; both in argument and readability.
  • Warmth of affections and seriousness about Scripture
  • Helpful teaching about impressions from God, and very clear on testing by Scripture
  • Don't respond to abuses by prohibition but rather by right Biblical use

  • Several of typos, at least in the UK edition... e.g. Psalm 19 that should say 119, Joy "expressible" that should be inexpressible...
  • Will the cessationists Storms is writing to read this book? And are there all that many cessationists around these days?
  • Mostly deals with opposed stereotypes - maybe too much caricature?
  • Its more of a letter to Orlando than to Anaheim, that is Storms seems more concerned to make Calvinists charismatic, not to show charismatics that they should be Calvinist - and that would be a very helpful book to have - particularly since in the UK outside of Newfrontiers most Charismatics appear to be Arminian - it could be argued however that One Thing would lead Charismatics to Calvinism.
This book has the potential to be very helpful to the UK church, much as his One Thing (Desiring God made easy to read) has.

See Enjoying God Ministries for more information. Finally, remember that the man who wrote the doctrine of Romans also spoke in tongues more than anyone at Corinth.