Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tony Robinson says...

Just watched Tony Robinson's The Real Da Vinci Code on Channel 4. Robinson is a great entertainer but also serious about history. He carefullly shows us that:
...the Da Vinci Code is basically, "rubbish"

...without any factual basis...derived from lots of appealing ideas... not particularly well written (though he concedes thats not a crime)... a story that we might like to be true, but simply isn't. No more reliable a story of history than Monty Python... something that belongs in the realm of imagination.

Good fiction is not a bad thing. The problem here is that it can divert us away from the real story. I'm sure we'll go and see the film, and I'm sure it'll be entertaining... meanwhile the real Jesus story, the one found in the Bible is way more compelling than the fictious gnostic alternatives. Why not take an hour to read one of the gospels in the New Testament?