Sunday, May 14, 2006


Tom asked:
What is it about The Da Vinci Code story that grabs people, causes people to rediscover reading, enjoy the story, reading late into the night, engrossed by the tale? How can we move away from merely evaluating The Da Vinci Code story, merely in terms of - Is it true or false?

Why do we love stories like these? Why have so many of us stayed up late to read that book.... I put off reading it for ages and then read it inside 24 hours, I couldn't put it down. Similarly why did I really enjoy the mindless drivel of M:I:III last week?

Surely part of it is that we have imagination. Our minds buzz with creative thoughts. We love to look beyond where we are, for better worlds and brighter views. Its the same spirit that leads us to write and create, to explore and investigate. We're deeply curious beings who know that we're made for more than the humdrum of life.
...for a better world and a brighter view, some would leave all else, trying to find heav'n on earth... (scared of aeroplanes)

And life is such humdrum. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible paints a depressing view of daily life. Life in which the pursuit of pleasure, stuff and wisdom that proves ultimately futile and empty. A painting that describes our real experience of life. Life that makes us cry "there must be more than this"... or we settle for dullness and plod on subhumanly.

The humdrum of this life is not all there is. The experience of life has its futility, to deny that is to decieve ourselves. We long to escape from the futility of it all.

Whether its stories of hidden secrets or strange new worlds. Stories of conspiracy and adventure. Momentary escape from this life.... Some of our imagination leads us away from reality into fantasy... other imagination leads us closer to what life is supposed to be.

The question is what is it supposed to be? How can we tell the difference between fiction and fact in our search for the real story? What happens if the real story doesn't fit our expectations?

What if we could hear the story of God? What if we could hear from the mind of God? What if God chose to reveal his story to us? Couldn't he do it? Wouldn't it be what we were made for? What if that story surpassed all the stories in the world?

What if we gained a new start? What if we were invited into a whole new world, the world we were made for... a world stretching into the mind of God and into eternity? That would be a story worth knowing.