Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Necessity of Atheism: Q11

Continuing the series... on Shelley's questions on the necessity of atheism...

Q11: If he has spoken, why is the universe not convinced?

It is plain that the universe is not altogether convinced of the Christian gospel. The Bible would say in fact that the Universe broadly speaking is convinced and speaks loudly about God. It is the majority of human beings that are unconvinced.

The Christian contends that God has spoken. God's speech is a central theme of history. According to the Bible, God spoke the universe into being. He speaks to man to commission us. He speaks to tell us how we should live. He repeatedly speaks to call us to relationship with himself.

Man stands, tempted, believing God's word is unreliable and unsound. Man bends God's word to suit his own ends. God is branded a liar and attributed with words he did not speak. Man talks himself out of the knowledge of God.

Failure to be convinced by God's word is the pattern of human history. We are "free" to reject God's word."Free" because we rather enslave ourselves to the words of others. Failure to accept God's words is a moral crime with due punishment and consequences.

That man is not altogether convinced does not deny God's existence. It raises deep questions about us. God is there and he is not silent. We fail to listen, but a time will come when we can block our ears no longer. A day when if we have not heeded his word we will hear words of judgement. He has spoken and his words proclaim to us who he is. The fault, lies with us.

J.Gresham Machen on God's Word