Wednesday, February 01, 2006

About Baptism

I spent my childhood attending a liberal anglo-catholic Church of England church. There are learnt the very basics of Christian faith from the liturgy that was spoken each week. I also defaulted to several other assumed positions, such as paedobaptism.

I became a Christian around the age of 18 just before going to University. There I found myself in a credobaptist church, connected with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. As I began to search the scriptures for the first time myself I never encountered much of a case for paedobaptism and became fairly convinced about credobaptism. That church was followed by four years in a Baptist church in Reading where the same convictions were reinforced.

Now back in the Church of England I'm beginning to think about baptism once again... David Field cites Peter Leithart on paedobaptism whilst Justin Taylor and Rick Phillips are debating the same. Andrew Sach writes about it.

Considering arguments, and spending some time chatting with Bishop Wallace Benn has put me on the fence in this matter. If pushed I'm still fairly convinced by the credo position but I'm starting to see that the case isn't quite as black and white as I thought. Hmmmm.