Saturday, December 10, 2005

Seven Things?

Frankly I object to this sort of thing on blogs.... Cat however wanted me to do it... so here we go.....
Seven things to do before I die:
1. Write a book that is worth reading
Actually, I really can't be bothered with this. Sorry Cat. That said, equally narcissistically here's some Blogspotting.... Ant Adams and Luke Wood read my Narnia posts. Dave Kirkman picked up my top books list and shared his.


  1. how can u object to this sort of thing on blogs? u can object to it on ures cos ure blog is ure own...but u cant ovject to it ob others cos its' totally up to them surely...?! ;)

  2. I'd like to object because its totally egotistical... but then blogging is inherently so... and besides I think felt compelled to blogspot. Me, that'll be the hypocrit.

    Probably the other reason is that its a lazy way to blog.

  3. I think there's some use in doing something like that every now and then because anyone who reads a blog even semi-regularly is probably quite interested to know the kind of things memes like that ask you.

    I wouldn't want people to feel pressured to respond in anyway, but i could see people feeling that way.

    Lazy way to blog... sure is, but once in a while doesn't hurt too much.